The term, “Israel apartheid”– ubiquitous among proponents of the BDS campaign against Israel– is based on a series of lies and misinformation that libel the Jewish State and de

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Henry Chandler Cowles: Pioneer Ecologist ISBN: 978-1-934087-20-6 Cloth, 354 pages A biography by Victor M. Cassidy For the first time ever, Victor M Cassidy brings to life the world of Henry Chandler

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Looking for Life on the Way to the Grave: Pastoral Journeys amidst the Dying and Grieving

Author: Neal R. Sadler

Parishioners look to pastors as experts on God, as if they know intimately the character and will of the Eternal.  Pastors have read great theologians and argued finer points of salvation.  They use fancy words to talk about our beliefs.  They exegete the Bible, reading it in Greek and Hebrew.  They stand before parishioners in worship, preaching as if they have the answers and praying as if they are confidants with the Creator of the universe.

But God is not known in textbooks and just because pastors act like they know God doesn’t mean they really do.  Pious prayers and learned dogma must be tested in the struggles and fears of each new experience, in the hurts and healing of relationships, and in the sadness and joy of each day. Pastors are on the same journey as parishioners, a journey to discover meaning and hope in a mixed up and puzzling world.

Looking for Life on the Way to the Grave: Pastoral Journeys amidst the Dying and Grieving comprises stories of journeys that Neal R. Sadler was privileged to undertake with his parishioners as they travelled through doubt and belief, fear and faith, humor and laughter on the way to the grave.  Confronting aging, grieving and dying they searched together for God’s spirit and voice. The stories, of course, are not just about grieving and dying, for in encountering death we learn best how to live.